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We Believe In the Bible

We Believe The Bible Is The Inspired Word Of God And Is Sufficient To Use As The Ultimate Guide For Living.

We Believe In Jesus

We Believe Jesus Is The Son Of The One True God, He Was Crucified For The Sins Of All, Died And Was Buried, And On The Third Day Rose From The Dead.

We Believe In The Trinity

Our God Who Is One Lord, As A Trinity, Or As One Being Of Three Persons. The Distinction Of Persons In The Godhead Is Expressed As A Relationship Of Father, Son, And Holy Spirit.
We Believe In God, The Father. He Created All Heaven And Earth.
We Believe Jesus Is The Messiah. God Loves Every Person And Sent Jesus To Save Us All.

We Believe The Holy Spirit Is A Divine Separate But Equal Part Of The Trinity. He Is The Breath Of God And Is Present And Active In The Life Of Every Believer. He Comforts Those Who Mourn And Is Able To Guide Believers In Wisdom.

We Believe In Holy Spirit Baptism

We Believe That The Baptism In The Holy Spirit, With Evidence Of Speaking In Tongues, Is Available For All Who Believe.

We Believe In God's Plan

​We Believe In The Church And Its Mission, Divine Healing, The Blessed Hope, The Millennial Reign Of Christ, The Final Judgement, And The New Heavens And The New Earth. 

To Read More About What We Believe From The Assemblies Of God of God 16 Fundamental Truths

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