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Worship With Song

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Worship Team

Our Definition Of Worship:

Worship is an Attitude Of The Heart, in which we LOVE, HONOR, & OBEY God above all others.

(Philippians 2:5-11Mark 12:30Deuteronomy 6:13

John 10:10John 14:15Deuteronomy 27:10Exodus 20:3)

Worship team members meet weekly for rehearsal, prayer, and devotion on Tuesdays. We arrive early Sunday morning for sound check and pre-service prayer. The prayer team and all congregants are welcome to join pre-service prayer at the altar.

Weekly Schedule​:

Tuesdays - Practice & Devotions 6-8pm

Sundays - Sound Check 8:45-9:30am

               - Pre-Service Prayer 9:30am

               - Service 10-11:30am


Our Worship Team consisted of 3 teams: Band, Sound, and Media.

New Worship Team Members are always Welcome!

New Members will attend practices for training, until they are ready to serve.

Please contact Pastor Courtney if you are interested.

Worship School

Worship School meets monthly (or bi-weekly) and is for church members of all ages who want to learn an instrument or work on singing with the aim to join the worship team or seasonal Choir.


Why Worship School?

We want all of our worship ministries to continue to multiply in both dedication to the Lord and skill.

Many passages in the Bible encourage musicians, both male & female, to praise and worship God with all kinds of instruments, skillfully.

(1 Chron. 15:161 Chronicles 15:22, Psalm 33:1-3,

2 Samuel. 6:51 Chronicles 13:8Exodus 15:20Psalm 68:25)



Scheduled Sundays - 12-2pm

New Worship School Members are always Welcome!

Please contact Pastor Courtney if you are interested.

Holiday Choir

Those interested in joining our Christmas & Easter choirs are welcome! There is no try-out necessary.


Practice will generally begin 6-8 weeks before the holiday. Practice times will vary.

Please contact Pastor Courtney if you are interested.

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